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Rushing Touchdowns

What is Rushing Touchdowns?

A scoring play in football requiring a quarterback (or other player on the same team) in possession of the ball) to keep the football, hand off or lateral the football to another offensive player, who then must break the plane of the opponent's end-zone goal line while maintaining possession of the ball. The play results in a touchdown, scoring six points.

Sporting Charts explains Rushing Touchdowns

Most rushing touchdowns are traditionally recorded by quarterbacks, tailbacks or other running backs as a result of a rushing play. This means the quarterback keeps or hands the ball off-the player who has possession of the ball then carries it into the opponent's end zone. When a quarterback throws a pass, however, that is ruled to have moved laterally (meaning the ball does not travel forward across the field, but rather sideways or backwards), any player scoring a touchdown after receiving the ball is considered to have recorded a rushing touchdown. Other position players can score rushing touchdowns, such as wide receivers, when a particular play is called, such as a reverse. A defensive player cannot score a rushing touchdown-such touchdowns that are not a result of a pass interception are scored as fumble recovery touchdowns.

LaDainian Tomlinson holds the current record for rushing touchdowns in a single season with 28.

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