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Sacks Allowed

What is Sacks Allowed?

An offensive statistic in football that records the total number of quarterback sacks allowed by the team's offensive line over the course of one or more games.

Sporting Charts explains Sacks Allowed

"Sacks allowed" as a statistic is most often charged to the quarterback's team as a whole, although particular members of the offensive line are also charged individually, when it is apparent that they are primarily responsible for failing to protect the quarterback.

When determining the strength of the offensive line and the effectiveness of a team's passing game, "sacks allowed" is typically one of the statistics taken under consideration, as it provides a measure of the regular pass protection the team's quarterback receives. The number and frequency of sacks surrendered by an offensive line does not always indicate that a team's offensive linemen are poor, as a number of factors such as offensive and defensive schemes, mobility of the quarterback and injuries to significant players can also play a role in the statistic. The number of sacks allowed by a team will often fluctuate from week to week as the strength of defenses faced by the offense varies and new matchups and schemes are developed that improve or weaken pass protection.

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