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Safety Blitz

What is Safety Blitz?

A defensive tactic in which one of the safeties will rush the passer with the intent of forcing a bad pass or getting a sack. A safety blitz can happen immediately after the snap, or it can be a delayed blitz that takes place after a few seconds. The goal of the safety is to find a hole in the offensive line and get to the quarterback. A safety blitz is considered a high-risk, high-reward play because blitzing a safety leaves less people in pass coverage, and if the blitz is not successful, the quarterback has a greater chance of a big completion.

Sporting Charts explains Safety Blitz

Teams will use a safety blitz to try and get more pressure on the quarterback and force a bad play. Safety blitzes often are used when the standard pass rush has been ineffective, or when the defense is trying to create a big play for its team. The safety will creep up to the line of scrimmage prior to the snap and attempt to find a hole in the offensive line to break through and sack the quarterback. The risk of a safety blitz is that it eliminates one of the players back in pass coverage, giving the quarterback a better chance to find an open receiver and complete a pass.

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