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Safety - S

What is Safety - S?

A defensive position in football that lines up in the defensive backfield and is mainly responsible for passing coverage. A safety will cover the field of play and attempt to bat down or intercept passes made by the offense or tackle a receiver who has caught the ball. Safeties are mainly responsible for the middle of the field, as the cornerbacks will cover the sides.

A safety is also the only scoring play in which the defensive team can score two points by tackling the offense in its own end zone.  A "safety touch" is another way of getting credit for the two points.

Sporting Charts explains Safety - S

A safety is part of the defensive backs, along with cornerbacks, with two main types being the strong safety and the free safety. A strong safety will place himself on the strong side of the field where the most offensive weapons are placed, while the free safety is focused more on watching the play develop and anticipating where the pass is headed or where the defensive team is at its weakest.

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