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Single Elimination

What is Single Elimination?

A term in football that refers to the playoff tournament in which a team's season ends following a single loss.

Sporting Charts explains Single Elimination

Unlike many other professional sports, football playoffs use a single elimination tournament to determine the championship. At the onset of the playoffs, each conference (the NFC and AFC) fields six teams: four division winners and two wild cards. The top two seeds in each conference receive a bye (do not play) during the first round. The second round determines the two conference championship teams, and the victors of each conference championship then square off in the league championship game known as the Superbowl. Throughout the course of the playoffs, due to single elimination, any team that loses a single game is eliminated from contention.

It should be noted that playoff games in the NFL cannot result in a tie. Team play as many fifteen minute segments of overtime as needed until a victor is determined.

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