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Split End

What is Split End?

A pass receiver in football who lines up at the line of scrimmage and on the outside of the formation.

Sporting Charts explains Split End

The split end position is the same as the position of wide receiver or wide out-the former term is seldom used in favor of the latter.

Wide receivers are the primary targets of passes from the quarterback. They are typically the slimmest and fastest offensive players on the field, as athleticism and speed are their most valid assets. A team will typically feature multiple wide receivers in multiple formations and offensive schemes. Players who play the wide receiver position will also often have roles on special teams on punt or kickoff coverage or as returners. Their speed and ability to catch the ball are valued assets for any game situation requiring these skills.

The term split end is also sometimes used to refer to wide receivers when they are lined up on the opposite side of the formation from tight ends.

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