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What is Spot?

A football term that refers to the location of the football as determined by the referee once a play is blown dead.

Sporting Charts explains Spot

In football, by rule, the football is spotted at the location of the farthest forward progress. In most cases, this is the farthest the football itself has reached before the player with possession is called down. When visibility at the end of a play is obscured by one or more players, the referee uses his best judgment to gauge the spot of the football. However, with the advent of instant replay and review, the spot can sometimes be moved if there is sufficient evidence and agreement by officials.

In addition to determining the spot of the football vertically downfield or upfield, officials are also responsible for the ball's location between the sidelines (horizontally). If a play ends between the hash marks, the official will spot the ball at its current location. On the other hand, if the play is blown dead outside the hash marks, the official will spot the ball at the nearest hash mark.

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