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Squib Kick

What is Squib Kick?

A low, shorter kick used on a kickoff to reduce the risk of a big return by the receiving team. A squib kick is usually picked up by a player who is not familiar with returning kicks since it doesn't have the distance to reach the kick returner. Due to the slow nature of a squib kick, the return team often does not have the ability to set up its blocking. This kick is used most often late in halves when field position is less important, or as a defense against a particularly effective return game.

Sporting Charts explains Squib Kick

The squib kick is a useful tool for a team's special teams unit. It is not used often, because the short nature of the kick guarantees good field position to the opposing offense. The two most common uses are near the end of each half if the kickoff begins with little enough time on the clock that the offense is unlikely to be able to take advantage of the good field position, and when a team has been gaining large enough amounts of yards on kick returns that the trade-off of giving them a shorter field is not as bad as risking a return for a touchdown. Squib kicks tend to be low, bouncing kicks that only travel 30 or 40 yards.

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