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What is Stance?

In football, the specific body position of a player prior to the snap.

Sporting Charts explains Stance

There are three main stances adopted by players at the line of scrimmage: the two, three and four-point stance. Each stance is used under specific circumstances in order to produce and advantage coming off the line. Each "point" of a stance indicates a portion of the player's body that is in contact with the ground. An offensive lineman must hold his stance for a minimum of one second before the ball is snapped.

The two-point stance is the simplest stance as the two points are the feet of the player. This stance is used when the lineman needs better vision to keep players on the opposition in front of him. The three-point stance is the most common stance, with the third point being the lineman's strong hand, planted on the ground prior to the snap. The lineman uses his strong hand to guide himself, allowing him to keep his center of gravity low and move in any direction following the snap. In the four-point stance, the lineman places both hands on the field. This stance is typically used by offensive linemen for short yardage situations, allowing for a greater surge forward than the other two stances.

Players other than linemen adopt specific stances as well (such as the runner's stance employed by wide receivers), although they are all technical two-point positions.

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