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What is Starter?

A player in football who begins any given game or season as the first to play to a specific position on a team.

Sporting Charts explains Starter

In football, any number of players may play a given position, but on most teams there is always a group of starters for both the offense and the defense. Starters are chosen by owners and the coaching staff based on their ability and experience-some players get a chance to prove themselves in preseason games and earn a spot as a starter. Typically there is only one starting quarterback, with backup quarterbacks designated to play if he is removed from the game. However, teams will often field multiple players who share a position.

A good example is a team that features two running backs who alternate plays or come into the game as part of specific schemes run by the offense. Depending on performance, some players who began a game or season as the starter for their position may be replaced by another player who then becomes the starter.

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