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Strong Safety

What is Strong Safety?

A position on defense commonly in the defensive backfield. The strong safety plays in the middle of the field on the strong side of the formation, closer to the line of scrimmage than the free safety. The strong safety is more involved in stopping the run and guarding the tight end on passing plays. The strong safety tends to be the larger of the two safeties, and he must be a sure tackler with solid cover skills.

Sporting Charts explains Strong Safety

The strong safety has the largest variety of responsibilities on the defense. A strong safety will approach the line of scrimmage to assist in stopping the run, giving the defense an extra defender on the strong side of the field. Strong safeties also have the responsibility of adjusting their position to assist in pass coverage against tight ends or slot receivers. Strong safeties need to be bigger and stronger than free safeties since they play closer to the line of scrimmage and have to be able to fight off tight ends, fullbacks and other larger blockers. Strong safeties also get called on to blitz the quarterback from time to time.

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