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Sutherland Single-Wing

What is Sutherland Single-Wing?

A variant of the “single-wing” formation in which the wingback is moved into the backfield as an extra halfback.

Sporting Charts explains Sutherland Single-Wing

The Sutherland single-wing was an effective variant of the traditional single-wing used by Coach Jock Sutherland in the 1930s with the University of Pittsburgh, and later in the 1940s as coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Sutherland implemented this change because he was more focused on the running attack, especially attacking between tackles after a series of sweep plays to widen the defense.

In the Sutherland single-wing, the wingback is moved to halfback and usually lined up at the same depth as the fullback, flanking the tailback on the other side. Sutherland typically had powerful, quick backs and extremely well-trained centers, as timing and directing the flow of the attack were crucial to many of the running plays he used with this formation. Multiple backs were responsible for running, blocking and even kicking using this formation. With this formation, Sutherland gained a reputation for a ruthless running attack. 

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