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T Formation

What is T Formation?

A formation in football that uses seven players lined up in a straight offensive line along the line of scrimmage, a quarterback directly behind center, and three running backs in a line parallel to the offensive line a few yards behind.

This formation is particularly effective in power rushing situations due to the significant number of linemen and the arrangement of running backs. The quarterback has a wide variety of options in addition to running by themselves. The disadvantage is that the T is completely ineffective as a passing formation.


Sporting Charts explains T Formation

The T Formation was one of the first formations used in football. At the time, the forward pass was virtually non-existent in football, so the T was very useful as a power rushing formation. The team would attempt to overwhelm the other team's defense with its blockers and the different running plays. The quarterback would have several options on each play, and could handoff or pitch the ball to the various backs in a number of directions. With the continued development of passing offenses, the T formation is very rare in football today.

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