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What is Targets?

This term refers to the number of times a quarterback throws the receiver the ball.  It is usually referenced when talking about the receiver.  A quarterback's total targets will not always equal the number of attempts, because some throws result in interceptions, and some throws are intentionally off target.

Sporting Charts explains Targets

The number of targets a particular receiver totals indicates how useful he is to the team.  A quarterback will obviously want to target the best receiver, but this can easily backfire.  A receiver with a lot of targets is a dead giveaway for defenses to cover.  Quarterbacks must spread out their targets in order to keep the opposition guessing.  A quarterback will typically throw the ball to a receiver no more than 10-12 times per game.  There are exceptions, of course, but any more than that and the offense runs the risk of becoming lopsided by always favoring one receiver.

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