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What is Tebowing?

An Internet meme that started after the emergence of QB Tim Tebow and his run with the 2011 Denver Broncos with amazing comebacks in the second half of games.  Tebowing involves getting down on one knee to pray with one arm pressed near your face.

Sporting Charts explains Tebowing

After Denver's Week 6 bye, Tim Tebow started Week 7 with a win over the Miami Dolphins, while far from impressive statistically, Denver won. Something they continued to do by winning 6 of the next 7 games. And they did so often dramatically, including a thrilling comeback victory in Week 14 against the Chicago Bears.

While Tebow isn't know for his throwing ability or his statistical prowess, as he was ranked 27th in QB rating for the 2011 season and last in completion percentage, he is seemingly great at clutch performances and inspiring.

Also see Bradying.

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