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What is Three-point-stance?

A term in football referring to a stance taken by both offensive and defensive linemen that has both feet and one hand on the ground. Running backs are also known to take this stance. 

Sporting Charts explains Three-point-stance

This stance is more elaborate than just having both feet and one hand on the ground.  When in the Three-Point-Stance the other arm is bent and pulled back to the hip/thigh region.  Offensive linemen should have almost no pressure on the hand placed on the ground. However, defensive linemen want to put as much pressure as they can on the hand that is on the ground.  There is a risk of head injury when in this stance. To reduce the risk of injury the lineman will want to have his head raised toward his opponent on the other team.  Even with the head raised there is still the risk of injury and it is for this reason that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has discussed banning the Three-Point-Stance.

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