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Tight End

What is Tight End?

An offense hybrid position that is both an eligible receiver and who will step into some plays and block the defense. This position combines the attributes of receivers and lineman and will block during a running play or run a route during a passing play.

Can be referred to as a "Y Receiver or Slot Receiver"

Sporting Charts explains Tight End

The tight end (Y Receiver) is one of the receivers on the field with split end (X Receiver) and the flanker (Z Receiver). The tight end will be positioned on the line of scrimmage or off the line of scrimmage based on which of the other receivers he is paired up with. When paired up with a split end the tight end will be off the line of scrimmage. When paired up with a flanker the tight end will be on the line of scrimmage. Tight end receivers specialize in either catching the ball or blocking during a running play. During the running game play the priority of the tight end is to block and open up a path for the runner with the ball.

Tight end receivers provide the quarterback with an option by acting as an outlet receiver should the quarterback be in trouble and not have the chance to find a receiver. 

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