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Time Out

What is Time Out?

A term referring to a halt in the game play allowed when a coach or player from a team calls out for one as long as they still have them remaining. 

Sporting Charts explains Time Out

The NFL limits the amount of time outs that a team can call. Each team is allowed to call three time outs per half. A team that calls excessive time outs will be assessed a time out penalty. The penalty for excessive  time outs is 5 yards. When a game goes into overtime each team is awarded two time outs during a 15 minute sudden death period. Any time outs called that are over the limited two are ignored and game play continues uninterrupted.  When a kicker is trying to go for a field goal the opposing team may call a time out in an attempt to break the kicker's concentration. This practice is known as "ice the kicker" and is only allowed once during a kick. Should the opposing team try and "ice the kicker" more than once during a kick then a penalty is assessed. The unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that is assessed gives the kicking team 15 yards and an automatic first down.

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