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Touchdowns Allowed

What is Touchdowns Allowed?

This is statistic is used by football analysts to determine how many touchdowns a team allows per series, quarter, game, or season.  It is used when analyzing a defense's ability to stop the offense from scoring touchdowns.

Sporting Charts explains Touchdowns Allowed

Having an easy statistic that tells you exactly how many touchdowns a team allows per game can tell you a lot about a team.  While bad teams tend to give up a lot of touchdowns, winning teams can do the same thing.  A high powered, high scoring offense like the 2010-11 Green Bay Packers can afford to give up a few more touchdowns because they score so much.  A team like that, with a high winning percentage and higher than average number of touchdowns allowed per game, is a team whose game you will want to watch (and potentially put some money on).

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