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Trap Run

What is Trap Run?

In football, a running play designed to take advantage of a “trap” block or play, using a hole in the offensive line to first lure, then block out a defender.

Sporting Charts explains Trap Run

The play begins in a formation designed to draw defenders away from a pre-determined point of attack. When the ball is snapped, the play is designed as a run with the majority of the offensive linemen blocking in the same direction, leaving a hole in the formation to allow in a defender. At the same time, an offensive guard or back will pull toward the hole to meet the onrushing defender, while a running back takes the ball through the space the linemen just vacated.

There are many variations of the trap block, both inside and outside, and they can be used in virtually any formation against any type of defense. The key is the trap block and the run that develops from the play.

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