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Turnover on Downs

What is Turnover on Downs?

A situation that occurs in football when a team uses all four of their chances or downs and fails to progress at least ten yards down the field or score any points. 

Sporting Charts explains Turnover on Downs

Generally a team will punt the ball after their third down if they still have not progressed at least ten yards or scored. If they are close enough to the other team's endzone they may also try for a field goal, which gives them three points, but only if the field goal makes it between a defined space known as the uprights. There are two general reasons why a team will decide to go for it on fourth down and risk a turnover of downs. If the team only has a few inches to go before getting a first down or scoring they are likely to go for it on fouth down. Additionally, if the game is almost over and the team needs a score to win they are much more likely to go for it on fourth down.

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