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What is Upman?

A term used to describe every player on the return team during the kick off. This term does not apply to the 1 to 2 players who are usually faster and therefore designated as kickoff returners.

Sporting Charts explains Upman

The upmen are positioned around 10 yards back from the position the ball is being kicked from. The 1 to 2 players who are not upmen are designated as kickoff returners and are positioned further away from the starting point. This position is usually near the goal line. When the kickoff returner is running upfield with the ball the  upmen have the priority of blocking the kicking team from coming near their kickoff returner. During what is called a squib kick (the ball is purposely kicked low to the ground) the hope is that a slower upman will pick up the ball versus the chosen faster kickoff returner.

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