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What is Uprights?

A term in football referring to the vertical posts that are 18ft 6in. apart on both sides of the crossbar of the goal post. The uprights are used to determine whether a field goal is successful or not.

Sporting Charts explains Uprights

For the goal to be successful the ball must pass over the 10ft high crossbar and through the two uprights that are 30ft high and 18ft. 6in apart. The uprights are normally 2 3/8 in. thick and constructed solely of aluminum. NFL requires that the entire goal post not just the uprights to be painted bright gold. In addition a 4in. wide and 42in. long ribbon must be attached to the top of the uprights so that players and coaches are able to estimate the wind direction and speed. Unlike a touchdown which is worth six points, a field goal that passes through the uprights is only worth three and an extra point conversion is worth two points.

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