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Utility Player

What is Utility Player?

A term in football used to describe a player who can play multiple positions. A player who is capable of performing the duties of a running back and a quarterback would be known as a utility player. 

Sporting Charts explains Utility Player - football

Utility players were more common during the early days of football. They are still used but not as often as they were in the early days now that restrictions are less stringent on substitute. The restriction on substitute or backup players was lifted during the late 1940s. In modern football a true utility player is usually a backup player. One of the reasons for the changes in having main players as utility players is due to the risk of injury to players who are kept on the field to play offense, defense and special teams. The last full time NFL utility player was Chuck Bednarik who retired in 1962 played as both a center and a linebacker. 

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