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What is Veer?

A type of offense where there are two backs in the backfield, one behind each guard or tackle, which allows for a triple action play where either one of the backs or the quarterback is selected to run the ball.

Sporting Charts explains Veer

The veer was invented in 1965 by the then head coach of University of Houston, Bill Yeoman. At the time the veer was referred to as the Houston Veer and later the split back veer. The veer opened up the concept of a triple action play where the offensive team would read two defensive players and do one of three things based on what the two defensive players did. This eliminated the need for blocking during this play. A successful veer requires precise line splits, and precise "tracks" for the dive backs to run. During a successful veer the quarterback is keeping his eye on the defensive tackle at the start of the snap. The quarterback must be able to depend on the dive back being in the right place at the right time. While veers can vary from simple to complex they require that the players be very detail oriented.

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