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Wildcat Offense

What is Wildcat Offense?

A type of offensive play that is distinguished by the direct snap to the running back and the offensive line that is unbalanced.

Sporting Charts explains Wildcat Offense

With the wildcat offense the quarterback takes the position of a receiver and the running back will take the direct snap. The player receiving the direct snap has the option to pass or run with the ball. An unbalanced offensive line is created by having the weak side tackle and the tight end on the opposite side. The term Deuces in a wildcat formation refers to how the receivers are lined up. Two receivers (twins) will be on the weak side and a single flanker on the unbalanced side.  Where the quarterback will line up is where the twin side will be with an inside receiver lining up in the position of the running back. From there on the unbalanced side you will have an upback in the original tackle position. With so much going on at once with a successfully executed wildcat offensive play the defense is left confused and thus allowing more gains for the offense. 

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