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Wing Back

What is Wing Back?

A position in football that is a versatile playing position that can play multiple roles on a play. A wing back can be a blocker, receiver and/or runner of reverses. The wingback is positioned one yard off the line of scrimmage and right outside the tight end. 

Sporting Charts explains Wing Back

Depending on what the coach has in mind for a particular play the wingback could be a running back, wide receiver, full back or a tight end. Due to the different ways a wingback can be used the defense must try and determine what the role of the wingback is for that particular play. With the wingback able to block, handoff or run downfield for a pass there is room for the defense to lose sight of the ball. This allows for a great advantage for the offense to maintain possession of the ball. Not all players are designated primarily as wingbacks however, there are some who have been designated primarily as wingbacks though. One such player was Johnny Rogers who was identified as such in 1972 when he won the Heisman Trophy while playing for Nebraska. 

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