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Wishbone Formation

What is Wishbone Formation?

An offensive formation in football that places three running backs in the shape of a Y behind the quarterback. This formation is so named due to the resemblance to a wishbone. 

Wishbone formation

Sporting Charts explains Wishbone Formation

The wishbone formation allows for a triple option play for the offensive team. What the quarterback decides to do depends on what he reads from the defense players.

One option the quarterback has in the wishbone formation is to go to his right and after passing his right guard can pass the ball to his fullback. However, should the quarterback gather from the presnap read that the defense is ready for this move he can go with option two.

His second option in a triple option play is to pitch the ball to one of the running backs. Should the defense go after the running back in an attempt to block the pitch the quarterback now has the option to run the ball himself.

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