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Yards After the Catch - YAC

What is Yards After the Catch - YAC?

A statistic in football used to measure the yards gained after a pass is caught by the receiver. The yards after the catch are the yards the receiver runs until he is either downed, run out of bounds, scores or loses the ball. 

Also referred to as "Run After Catch - RAC."

Sporting Charts explains Yards After the Catch

During game play there is a good chance of losing control of the ball. The proper grip on the football will help a player to gain the most yards after the catch.  A receiver will usually tuck the ball under their arm after the catch to ensure a good grip while running. Having the ball tucked under their arm protects the ball from slipping out of their hands and from defense players from getting the ball away from them. After all to gain the most yards after a catch a player needs to maintain control of the ball. 

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