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Yards From Scrimmage

What is Yards From Scrimmage?

A statistic in football that measures how far the offensive team makes it from the line of scrimmage. This statistical measure is calculated as the total of rushing yards and total of passing yards.  Credit is given to the player who carries the ball during a rushing play. Credit is given to the player who catches the ball during a pass play. Yards from scrimmage statistics differ from total offense in that with total offense gives credit to the player pitching the ball and not the player who catches the ball.

Sporting Charts explains Yards From Scrimmage

These statistics are used in determining which running backs are good for rushing plays and which are good for passing plays. There are some running backs that are great for both rushing and passing. Three very popular running backs are Walter Payton (Bears) with 2121 yards from scrimmage, Marshall Faulk (Rams and Colts) with 19,154 yards from scrimmage and Barry Sanders (Lions) with 18,190 yards from scrimmage.  

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