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Yards Gained

What is Yards Gained?

A statistic in football that measures the amount of yards that are gained during a game, a season or a career.

Yards gained is also referred to as "yardage".

Sporting Charts explains Yards Gained

The yards gained can be by passing or running. When a running play is used the quarterback will pass the ball to the running back and the yards gained are based on how far past the line of scrimmage the running back runs the ball. With a running play the quarterback can also elect to run the ball himself and the distance from the line of scrimmage the quarterback make it still count toward yards gained. When a passing play is used the quarterback will pitch the ball to a receiver who is down the field. If the pass is successful the team will gain those yards. Teams can lose gains for several reasons. One reason a team can lose yards is due to a penalty. Another way is for the ball to not make it past the line of scrimmage.

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