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Yards Per Carry

What is Yards Per Carry?

A statistic in football that measures a running back's averaged yards they carried the ball during a rushing attempt. Yards per carry are calculated by diving the number of yards by the number of attempts. 

Sporting Charts explains Yards Per Carry

For example a running back has gained 15 yards with 5 carries, this running back's Yards per Carry is 3 yards per carry. These statistics are not completely accurate when determining a running back's abilities. The statistics rely on the running back running with the ball during a rushing attempt. One running back may have a higher score than another running back due solely to having more chances in game to run with the ball. NFL Hall of Famer Floyd Little averaged a league-high and career best by his third year playing for the Denver Broncos with an outstanding 5.0 yards per carry. At retirement Little's averaged career yard per carry was 3.9. 

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