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Zone Blitz

What is Zone Blitz?

A zone blitz is a defensive maneuver in which the defense will drop pass-rushers into coverage and blitzing players that usually cover receivers.

Sporting Charts explains Zone Blitz

The zone blitz was created in the 1990s by the then Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. With a zone blitz the defense will determine the blitzer after the offense shows their formation. Blitzes come from different linebackers and defensive backs with the hopes of being unpredictable. Further confusion comes when players that the offensive side thought were rushers are now pass defenders. The trick with a zone blitz is for the offensive team to not notice that this is what the defense is going to try. The lineman for the defense needs to be in a position that conveys that he is going to rush the passer. If the lineman positions himself further from line of scrimmage or changes his stance he could alert the offensive team as to the defensive maneuver about to be played.

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