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Zone Read

What is Zone Read?

This is an option offense in football that utilizes the quarterback and the tailback. When the quarterback receives the snap, both players will cross paths and depending upon reading the defensive team's reaction the quarter back will decide what to do with the ball. 

Sporting Charts explains Zone Read

After the snap the quarterback and the tailback cross paths the quarterback has two options with the ball. Based on what the quarterback determines during the zone read the quarterback will either complete a hand off with the tailback or to keep and run the ball himself. Since the offense is determining plays based on the defense's reactions the offense has the advantage.  The downfall is that the quarterback must learn how to properly read the defense players and be in sync with the tailback. If the defense is good enough to mask their intentions the quarterback will have a harder time with a zone read. Or should the quarterback and tailback not move in sync with each other there is a chance a hand off will not be possible at the point the quarterback realizes this move is needed.

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