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Blind Pass

What is Blind Pass?

A pass that a player makes without looking at the puck's path or at the intended recipient of their pass. The goal of the blind pass is to fool opponents into thinking that the puck is going one way when it is  really going in another direction. A blind pass can also be called a "no-look pass".

Sporting Charts explains Blind Pass

Players attempting a blind pass must know where the intended recipient of the pass is or will be positioned when executing the pass. When trying a blind pass, a player will usually look one way and pass the puck in a different direction, without turning their body or even glancing in that direction. Because opponents are also looking to intercept the pass, it takes talent to be able to correctly execute a blind pass.  

Blind passes are sometimes used in two-on-one situations, when two players attacking the opposing goal are being countered by a defender and a goaltender. The attacker in possession of the puck puts themselves in a shooting position, looking directly at the goal. They will suddenly pass the puck to their teammate without looking in their direction in an attempt to fool both the goaltender and the defender. If the pass is successful, the player who received the pass may have an open net to shoot at.

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