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What is Boards?

The wall that surrounds the hockey rink, approximately 40-48 inches (1 m) high. The boards at either end of the ice and along the sides of the rink are called the end boards and side boards, respectively.

Sporting Charts explains Boards

Ice hockey boards are typically constructed of wood or wood mounted to metal frames and are intended as a way to keep the puck inside the rink and add to the function of gameplay. Boards are painted white (although sometimes decorated with advertising), with a yellow kick plate along the bottom to differentiate the boards from the ice.

Above the boards is the "glass," a partition surrounding the entire rink and constructed of plexiglass. The combination of the boards and the glass allow players to play the puck off the walls while simultaneously allowing fans to view the game in relative safety. The boards are often the location of the most violence in a typical hockey game (aside from fights), as players are often checked into the boards to gain strategic advantage and pucks stuck up against the wall are often hotly contested.

In addition to the side and end boards, the portion of the boards halfway between the goal line and blue line are known as the "half-boards."

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