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Broken Stick Penalty

What is Broken Stick Penalty?

A penalty in hockey that is assessed when a player on the ice continues to play with a broken stick. When a player breaks their stick during play, they are required to drop the stick and play without it - they can remain on the ice and participate in the play without a stick or they can go back to the bench and be given another stick.

Sporting Charts explains Broken Stick Penalty

A broken stick is one that is considered to be unfit for normal play by the referee. A players teammate can hand them their stick on the ice as long as that stick isn’t broken as well - if the player is getting one from the bench the stick must be handed to them and can’t be tossed onto the ice, if it is tossed, the player who tossed it will receive a minor penalty. 

Skaters are unable to play with a goalies stick, if a player uses a goalies stick, they will receive a minor penalty. Goaltenders are allowed to play with a broken stick.

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