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What is Butt-ending?

An action involving a player using the top of their stick shaft, called the butt-end of the stick, to deal a quick blow to an opposing player. Any player attempting to butt-end an opponent receives a minor penalty; any player who succeeds in butt-ending an opponent will receive a major penalty, an automatic game misconduct and an automatic fine of one-hundred dollars according to NHL rules.

Sporting Charts explains Butt-ending

Butt-ending is a rare, but dangerous infraction that most frequently happens as a result of two players getting into a verbal confrontation on the ice. Any player that injures an opponent by butt-ending them will receive a match penalty in addition to the aforementioned penalties (meaning that the penalized player's team will be shorthanded for five minutes). 

Butt-ending is similar to spearing, the difference being that a player uses the blade of their stick (and not the top end of the stick's shaft) to spear an opponent.

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