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What is Butterfly?

A style of defense used in hockey in which the goalie drops to his knees in front of the net in order to block an incoming shot.

Sporting Charts explains Butterfly

The term "butterfly" originated due to the goalie's resemblance to a butterfly when on his knees with his arms and pads outstretched. This style of defense is in stark contrast to the "stand-up" style in which a goalie remains on his feet. The initial use of the butterfly defense was criticized because it tended to leave the higher portion of the goal exposed to flip shots and other shots traveling through the air. In response, a more refined version of the butterfly defense known as the "profly" or "hybrid" was developed, in which the goalie drops his knees and ankles to the ice in a "V" shape, providing a full 11" of coverage per pad in front of the net. Due to the stance, it is easier for the goalie to close the gap between his legs. It also frees up the goalies hands for making saves.

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