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What is Checker?

A term used to describe a forward player who usually focuses more on defense. Oftentimes, these kind of players play on lines known as "Checking Lines."

Sporting Charts explains Checker

Most checkers are smart positionally and can be good at faceoffs or blocking shots while some can also deliver lots of bodychecks, fight and get their team motivated in other ways besides scoring.  

Don't confuse a checker with someone that doesn't score though. Some of the best players in the history of the game can be good "checkers" but also put the puck in the net, especially in the playoffs. Notable offensively gifted checkers included Bob Gainey, Claude Lemieux and Michael Peca.

Other terms for checkers might be grinders, blue-collar or lunchbucket players and defensive forwards. Each year the National Hockey League awards the Frank J. Selke Trophy to the best defensive player in the game.

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