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Composite Sticks

What is Composite Sticks?

A type of hockey stick made from synthetic materials such as carbon fibre or Kevlar, can be lighter than a traditional wood hockey stick, and does not absorb moisture and possibly warp.

Sporting Charts explains Composite Sticks

The composite stick started creeping into the game in the mid- to late-1990s. It started with the introduction of aluminum and composite shafts that players could use replacement wood blades. The two-piece idea was slow to catch on since the feel was sometimes not as good as a wood stick and the blades often broke.

As technology continued to improve, stick manufactures discovered they could create a one-piece version that was much lighter and supposedly more durable. Today`s one-piece sticks are extremely light.

However, many critiques point to the unpredictable nature of the one-piece composite sticks that sometimes break on a light slash or even when players are catching a pass or shooting the puck. Many times, hair-line fractures of the composite materials can go undetected. Hockey analyst Pierre McGuire said in the early years of the stick, that they `stink.`

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