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What is Deke?

A quick fake of the puck often combined with a nifty stick-handling move, usually done as a player heads toward the goaltender, in attempt to move the tender to one side or freeze him in order to open up the net to shoot at, or slide the puck past. 

Sporting Charts explains Deke

Players on breakways often have two options; shoot or deke. When goaltenders come out of the net to cut down the angle, players usually try a deke to get the goaltender moving and prevent him from his ultimate goal to stop a shot. 

There are many different kinds of dekes a player can use. Whether it's going to the backhand or back and forth as well as using skates and the body or even the head to fake or feign movements in order to trick the goalie.

Goaltenders have gotten so good in recent years, it takes a special deke on most nights to fool the goaltender. Players, however, are beginning to practice various deke moves since the introduction of the shootout in regular season play in 2005-2006.

One of the most famous dekes ever was performed by Mario Lemieux in game two of the 1991 Stanley Cup Final against the Minnesota Northstars when he deked the defenseman and goaltender Jon Casey who was attempting a poke check 

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