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What is Dipsy-Doodle?

A phrase to describe a player who is making fancy moves, usually around multiple players, involving both stickhandling and zig-zagging or multi-directional skating.

Sporting Charts explains Dipsy-Doodle

Sometimes this type of play can have a negative connotation. For example, when a player is dipsy-doodling through the neutral zone or his own zone and turns the puck over. Many times, dipsy-doodle plays have more flare than substance, but when a dipsy-doodle does work, it's sure to hit the sports highlights and drop the jaw of fans and fellow players.

Occasionally announcers will describe a player who carries the puck by himself and through one or two defenders as "dipsy-doodling" through the zone or past the opposing team.

Just a few famous players who were known for dexteriety in the dipsy-doodling department were Max Bentley, nicknamed Dipsy Doodle Dandy; Denis Savard, who was a master of the spin-o-rama move; Bobby Orr, who was known for his end-to-end rushes; and most recently, Pavel Datsyuk has had some highlight-worthy scoring rushes.

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