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Draw a Penalty

What is Draw a Penalty?

When a player forces a member of the opposition to take a penalty by committing an infraction of the rules on him.

Sporting Charts explains Draw a Penalty

Some of the best players in the game draw the most penalties due to their exceptional skill and speed. Because they can pressure the other team and often get by the opposing team's defense, they are often hooked, held, slashed and tripped to stop them from scoring.

Another type of player, the agitator, can be particularily deft at drawing penalties through taunting, baiting or playing on the edge of the rules to get the other team off their game and react illegally. These players are often known as pests. Players will also dive to "draw a penalty" by attempting to trick the referee.

The National Hockey League - NHL does not keep track of the number of times a player can draw a penalty, however, players who can draw penalties either by great play or being a pest can make the difference in helping their team win, especially in close games.

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