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Drop Pass

What is Drop Pass?

A pass to a teammate, usually using the backhand of the stick, where a player simply stops the puck or pushes it back behind him and continues skating on without it.

Sporting Charts explains Drop Pass

Sometimes unsuccesful drop passes can drive coaches crazy since they often lead to turnovers and scoring chances for the opposition.

This is beceause many of the players of the offensive team are skating forward while the puck is left behind or pushed backward, and a mistake can lead to an odd-man rush the other way.

If completed succesfully, however, it can be a difficult play to defend and for a goaltender to read.

One of the most famous drop passes occurred in game seven of the 1979 Stanley Cup semi finals. Jaques Lemaire connected with Guy LaFleur to tie the game on the powerplay for the Montreal Canadiens after the Boston Bruins took a too many men on the ice penalty. The Canadiens won in overtime and went on to win the Stanley Cup. 

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