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What is Enforcer?

A type of player known for their ability to check, fight and intimidate the opposition whose role mainly centers around deterring and responding to actions by the opposition that are considered to be aggressive, uncalled for or dirty. Enforcers will often be players with the most number of fights and lowest amount of time on ice on a team.

Also known as a "Fighter," "Goon" or "Tough Guy."

Sporting Charts explains Enforcer

Enforcers are well regarded for their ability to fight and play a highly physical game. However, they generally lack the speed and talent of other players on the team and are often found on the teams 4th line with most teams only carrying one enforcer at a time.

Some of the most famous enforcers include Bob Probert, Tiger Williams, Dave Semenko, Stu Grimson, Tie Domi and Georges Laraque.

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