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Faceoff Percentage

What is Faceoff Percentage?

A statistic in hockey that measures the rate at which a player wins faceoff draws. Faceoff Percentage is used to measure the effectiveness at controlling the puck on faceoff drops and ensuring puck possession for the team. Rates above 55% are considered to be the sign of a very good faceoff player while above 60% is a sign of an elite faceoff man.

Formula: Faceoff Percentage = faceoffs won / (faceoffs won + faceoffs lost)

Sporting Charts explains Faceoff Percentage - FO%

One of the key roles of a center in hockey is to take and win faceoffs as winning faceoffs generally leads to sustained puck possession. Teams best faceoff players will often be sent out onto the ice on key draws such as those in their own zone when killing a penalty and in the offensive zone on power plays.

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