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Fight Strap

What is Fight Strap?

A strap or piece of fabric sewn into the back of a player or goaltender's jersey to prevent it from being pulled over his head by an opponent during a fight. The fight strap, which attaches to the back of the pants, also prevents a player's jersey from being taken off and leaving him to fight with almost no equipment. 

Also know as a "Tie-down".

Sporting Charts explains Fight Strap

The fight strap is usually an elastic strap that contains a fastener. The strap is found only on officially-licensed NHL jerseys, meaning that many replica jerseys sold in retail stores will not have the fight strap.

If, during the course of a fight, a player's fight strap is not attached and his jersey comes off, that player will automatically receive a game misconduct penalty.

The fight strap is also useful so that an opponent will not take advantage of a player who had his jersey pulled over his head and who would not be able to use his arms during a fight. 

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