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Garbage Goal

What is Garbage Goal?

Goal scored from near the net resulting from a loose puck in a scramble or from a rebound and not as a result of a finesse play. Garbage goals are called that way to emphasize that the goal scored is not one that takes skillful moves or the dekeing of players to score. 

Sporting Charts explains Garbage Goal

Garbage goals are the type of goals that are scored by grinders and hard-working players who are limited in their offensive skills because garbage goals involve battling for the puck in front of the net or positioning one's self in front of the net to look for rebounds. However, standing in front of the net and waiting for the puck can be risky because there is a chance of getting hit by an incoming puck travelling at high speeds. Players standing in front of the net also risk being called for goaltender interference if they do not allow the goaltender to properly play or follow the puck. 

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