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Goal Cage

What is Goal Cage?

The structure, consisting of a crossbar, two posts and covered with netting, that makes up a hockey goal. The standard NHL goal cage is 48 inches (121.91 centimeters) high, 72 inches (182.88 centimeters) wide, and 44 inches (111.76 centimeters) deep. Each goal cage is placed adjacent to the one of the goal creases on the ice surface.

Sporting Charts explains Goal Cage

All the bars and tubes making up the framework of the goal cage are made of the same material (usually steel) while the netting is made of nylon. Only the crossbar and the goal posts are red in color, and every other part of the exterior of the goal cage is painted in white. 

At a time when the number of goals scored in the NHL was decreasing and the goaltenders were getting better, there were suggestions of using wider goal cages so that the number of goals scored would go up. The idea of bigger nets was met with a lot of criticism, especially from goaltenders. The NHL recently experimented with new, more shallow nets designed to give players more space behind the net. The new nets would also have a thinner mesh so that pucks could be seen more clearly during video reviews. These nets were used once during a preseason game in 2011.

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